The MalpensaFiere Multifunctional Centre, set up by the Chamber of Commerce for Varese, was officially opened on the 23rd of February 2002. Although the structure is relatively new, its foundations rest on many years of valuable experience from the past.
It was 1951 when Luigi Einaudi, the President of the Republic, inaugurated the Expo’ Centre in Castellanza along with a trade fair that specialised in the mechanised textile industry. In those days, not long after the Second World War, the Province of Varese was wise enough to look to the future by starting a seemingly overambitious initiative that required an imposing level of organisation.

But Varese succeeded, and this facilitated competitiveness between companies in a sector which was crucial to the area’s economy.

For local businesses, MalpensaFiere represents the ideal continuation of the initiative that began in the Fifties. It carries on the tradition of trade fairs which has helped to make the rest of the world recognise the industrial and artisanal potential of the Province of Varese.
In today’s completely different international and economic contest, MalpensaFiere distinguishes itself for that same innovative spirit and for its vision of the future.
MalpensaFiere pays great attention to the analyses of our rapidly changing world; a world that every day produces new ideas, new products, and new markets and MalpensaFiere supplies a real answer by organising specialised events dedicated to niche or high-tech markets.

MalpensaFiere: makes room today for your projects of tomorrow.

MalpensaFiere is a centre that simultaneously serves and represents the area, with its spirit of initiative, industrious character and desire for growth
Situated in the heart of Italy’s most important business region, MalpensaFiere is an essential element of support and promotion for the area’s economy and aims to become the heart of its activities.
MalpensaFiere is designed to provide visibility for “Made in Varese” business, and also to help entice investors, knowledge and information to the area with the opportunity for cultural and economic exchange.
It not only aims to serve the economy and commercial exchanges, but it also strives to serve the province by providing a solution to the demand for a place in which to hold large cultural events and entertainment-related activities.
Finally, its strategic location makes MalpensaFiere one of the most interesting exhibition spaces in Lombardy and the rest of the country in general.

A real bridge to national and international markets.